A few words about Us

Bees scooters are the first project of "TecUrban" company. The idea of ​​"TecUrban" team is to provide high quality services of touristic and recreational transport to wanted destination by renting electric scooters.

Being aware of the problem of increasing air pollution, we strive to promote healthy and eco-friendly means of transport. A healthy and active lifestyle, including easy and affordable means of transport, is becoming more and more popular present in the whole world, which will in future increase the need for services providing ecologically oriented way of transport. The need for this type of service has already been noticed on the domestic market, especially among young people.


Furthermore, the lack of this type of service indicates that there is room on the market for our team and Bees scooters. "TecUrban" has a goal to provide transport to any location in the city, in an electric, eco-friendly and modern way. We developed a mobile application for PlayStore (android devices) and AppStore (Apple devices) that will enable the provision of the service.