Riding Tips

Bees application contains following information:
• map of the town with precise locations of the nearest scooters and their distance from the user
• option to report potential problems (malfunctioning, broken, missing scooter, etc.)
• option to start the ride (scanning QR code unlocks the scooter)
• menu option with all necessary information (user’s profile, credit, status, ride history, etc.)

The application flow should go as following: the user downloads the app on his device, runs the app, and logs in. Then it’s required to pay in using a card, mobile payment or a payment slip. After transaction is confirmed, in menu, the option “Wallet” will show credit the user will be spending through the rides.

Then, in the “Start ride” option, by scanning the QR code (that is on the scooter), the user unlocks the scooter and it is ready for a ride. When the ride is over, the user clicks on the “End ride” option and then the scooter stops and locks again. Then his credit is decreased for the cost of the ride and the scooter is available to the next user.

Every scooter will have a holder for a mobile phone on the steering wheel, so the ride is secure and easy for the users. The map will also contain highlighted suggestions for the attractive locations (for tourists) which will facilitate reaching them.