Safety advice

Electric scooter is a vehicle with two tires and is driven by a combination of driver and electric power. Electric scooter can be managed by a person who has reached 12 years of age. Every electrical scooter, must have the prescribed equipment and be technically correct.

From the safety point of view, scooter  in traffic must have the correct following :

  • Handbrake for front wheel  

  • brake for the rear wheel (manual or foot)  

  • bell, trumpet or siren

  • front light for lighting

  • the position of the red light in the rear

  • red color (cat's eye) in the back

  • steering wheel


Easy and safe operation of the scooter is achieved by proper maintenance of its parts and devices. Traffic safety requirements oblige the driver to check the correctness of all parts  before driving.

When engaging in traffic, drivers must observe traffic on the road, direct their attention to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, to their speed and distance. It is necessary to look left and right, to make sure that the road, bicycle path or strip is free and then safely engage in traffic and start the drive without endangering either yourself or other participants in the traffic. When driving, special attention should be paid to road signs and traffic signs, traffic light colors, traffic police signs and objects along the road. The once-mastered balance of maintaining the electrical scooter is never forgotten. Proper balance maintenance ensures that the ride in the direction without unnecessary and dangerous curve is left-right.


Always try to drive an electric trot:

  • keep the body upright, slightly tilted forward

  • point the view in front of you

  • keep hands and legs slightly bent for easy control and vibration mitigation

  • keep the controller trotting lightly

  • keep your fingers as close as possible to the brake controls for faster response

  • put your feet on the footbase


Electrical scooter can be unstable due to a violation of basic and simple errors, and should be used as required by the regulations.

Please do not do the following for your safety and the safety of traffic participants around you:

  • trying to drive on one wheel ("bullying")

  • ride two or more scooters side by side

  • controlling the scooter, not holding the steering wheel with both hand

  • transport, towing or pushing objects that may interfere with the driver in the operation of the vehicle

  • transportation of cargo and other objects that prevent the coordination of movement necessary for driving

  • to pull or push other participants in traffic

  • adhering to the driver for another moving vehicle

  • unaccountable transport of another person on the scooter

  • driving animals, etc.


Electric scooter drivers may move along those traffic surfaces where the movement of such vehicles is the safest and most permissible, and these are biking trails, or strips, as well as sidewalks (speed-adjusted). Bicycle paths, that is, the tread in our country, are few and the scooter drivers are forced to move along the roads where mixed and very intense traffic takes place and, unfortunately, they are exposed to great dangers. The bicycle path is a traffic area designed for bicycle and scooter transport, which extends along the carriageway and which is separated from it and marked with a prescribed traffic sign. If there is a specially arranged bicycle path on the road, drivers must move on the right side of the bicycle track in relation to the direction of traffic movement. On cycling trails arranged and marked for traffic of bicycles and scooter in both directions of the vehicle, they must move on the right side in the direction of movement of the vehicle.

The bicycle trolley is part of a pavement designed for bicycle and trunk transport, which extends along the carriageway and which is marked by a longitudinal line on the cart. Both on bicycle treads arranged and marked for bicycle and scooter traffic in both directions, drivers must move on the right side in the direction of the vehicle's movement. If there is no specially built track (rim) for the ride, then the carriageway is used for the carriageway at a width of at least one meter from the right edge of the carriageway.

If two or more drivers move in the group, they are bound to move one behind the other.

Although electric trotting can not achieve high speeds, such as motor vehicles, however, the drivers of these vehicles must adjust the required speed of movement to the characteristics and condition of the road, visibility, atmospheric conditions and other traffic conditions so that they can safely stop before any obstacle on the road. Drivers must not slow down the speed of movement so as not to disturb normal traffic flow due to slow travel. Drivers must not change the way the emergency braking control is used, as they can jeopardize drivers who are driving behind them. Rapid speed reduction is allowed only in instances of immediate danger. About the intention of significantly reducing the speed of movement, drivers are required to give a sign by including the stop light. Speed ​​is limited to 25 km / h when cycling with a bicycle track or band.

Drivers must reduce the speed of movement, especially in the following situations:

  • in front of the pedestrian crossings

  • the priority of the passage should be given to pedestrians who enter or have entered the pedestrian crossing

  • next to the road are children playing and not paying attention to vehicles

  • in front of the crossing of the road over the railroad level

  • in case of reduced visibility due to fog, rain, snow

  • when passing by a tram or other public transport vehicle stopped at the stop

  • when passing by night with other vehicles, if the driver from the opposite direction did not turn on the short beam

  • before entering the curve and the crossing of the road (the uneven curve and the crossing of the road are always dangerous, you can not see what is behind them)

  • when approaching an intersection where the traffic is regulated by a traffic light

  • when on road are: sand, gravel, leaves, water, snow or ice why it is necessary to drive carefully with avoiding sudden braking, so as not to lose balance and control 




If you follow these rules that exist for your safety, as well as the safety of people around you, you will not have any problems and you can enjoy in new experiences!